Revolting Students

10 Dec

1) “The Independent” – a blog comment:

“Karl Marx could only dream of encouraging the level of revolutionary anger that the Tories inspire.


Welcome to Planet Earth. How are things on Zog? Any news of Eric?

A) There is a national crisis – we are in effect BANKRUPT. The ONLY reason the currency has not collapsed is that international lenders are for the moment confident that we can eventually pay back our debts. NB If the currency collapses THE POOR AND DEFENCELESS WILL SUFFER MOST.

B) The only reason investors have any confidence about this is that our government is taking hard decisions to save money.

C) Our government is a COALITION (hadn’t you noticed?). This was formed after the public failed to give a mandate to any single party. This meant that EITHER the Tories would have formed a minority government OR a new election would have had to be held almost at once. Even IF the hated Tories had gone it alone the whinging, idiotic, unrealistic and “spend, spend, spend” opposition parties would have brought it down very soon and there’d have been another election anyway.

D) IF there had been another election then EITHER the result would have been the same (= more chaos = ùore uncertainty = our borrowing costs rise = increased poverty) OR (more likely) the Tories would have won a large victory. As it is, they DO have the moderating voice of the Lib-Dems. And it IS moderating! Have you seen the Tories’ stuff on crime? The looney left would find it too liberal.

E) This is called “DEMOCRACY AS WE KNOW IT”. It’s messy, but what would YOU prefer? A dictatorship of the left? Read up the history ……

F) Option E would have led to the very rapid collapse of the currency and economy and abject misery all round but ESPECIALLY FOR THE POOREST AND WEAKEST. (I repeat this, since it seems hard for you to absorb.)

G) The country has rather too many gutless, ignorant people who cannot understand ANY of the above, who think that money grows on trees and/or that the world owes them a living (boy, are you in for a surprise in the coming years) – a lot of these lunatics were running the country for the last 13 years – had you NOTICED the shambles they left? Do you want MORE of that?

In principle, I enjoy a freebie as much as anyone, but the idea that the country can afford after 13 years of lunatic Blair and Brownism to send 50% of kids to university (BTW, that INCLUDES a load of techs and polytechnics rebranded as “universities” – a bit like with Leyland, Rover, British Leyland, BL and so on, and that went bust, too) is STUPID. Most Brits – despite our problem – don’t DO stupid, which is why they eventually booted out the quite surreally-incompetent, bullying, sulking and self-delusional Brown. You might even say the Brits as a whole are supremely intelligent, since they didn’t want the Tories to go it alone but sought a COMPROMISE.

As I said, this is called democracy: “students” pissing all over the Cenotaph and Churchill’s statue is certainly NOT democracy and is in addition STUPID since they thereby destroy all credibility.

Study the media, the reaction to all this. Do you think that YOUR viewpoint is a MAJORITY ONE in the country, let alone PARLIAMENT? Do you even BELIEVE In parliament? If you are a fascist (I include “communists” in that category) then of course you piss on parliament. (as some of you clearly did). It seems in fact that you would be much happier in a country that DOESN’T have democracy, or with a party that CANNOT take ANY kind of difficult decision, but doles out a 30% increase willy-nilly to doctors for doing LESS. No doubt they do it better on Zog, where you clearly come from.

All this was so predictable. ANY government in Britain that tries to start living within the country’s means is subject to class-ridden hatred and bile and of course a good dose of violence all accompanied by nonsensical claptrap about “the rich”. (Geoff Dyson, inventor of the Dyson ‘hoover’ is pretty well off; is HE oppressing “the poor”, too? Clive Branson is worth a bob or two; he launched Virgin, which helped make it possible for “the poor” to fly as well as the rich. Clearly, both are prime candidates for the guillotine.)

Try to clear your head of prejudice. Imagine that as you approach the outer atmosphere after your long journey from Zog you say to yourself: “Right – I’m going to try very hard to look at this situation objectively. The country is bankrupt; a democratically-elected and compromise government is trying to do what it thinks is necessary. I’ll say my piece but I won’t break any policeman’s neck or piss on the Cenotaph and then after riots and deliberate attempts to hurt people I WON’T WHINGE on eternally about police violence and class war.”

That would make a change. The only war YOU are fighting is against DEMOCRACY, PARLIAMENT and the clear will of the MAJORITY. Still, at least – and unsurprisingly – you have the full support of the Labour Party; though that should in reality give you every incentive to abandon hope and return to your spaceship asap.

PS THE LABOUR PARTY INTRODUCED TUITION FEES IN THE FIRST PLACE! What do you think about THAT then? They can’t be right and wrong at the same time, can they? Not even Brown could manage that – not that he’d have had a clue what “right” was.

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