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07 Dec


The IMF?  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha …..

The President of the IMF frecently criticised Germany for exporting too much. He wants Germany to “reduce its dependency on exports”. This reveals that he is in fact insane, and to have such people leading the world’s financial institutions is indeed worrying. It’s bad enough national leaders moronically over-borrowing to put their countries into massive debt, but you’d think trained economists would know better than to come out with this rubbish. Still, there are hundreds of thousands of economists in high-ranking positions earning lots of our money, but that hasn’t stopped us getting into the worst crisis since WWII.

Germany’s exports are THE ONLY thing in the EU that are really going well. They are the air-bags helping to keep the crippled EU-Titanic afloat. But DSK wants to reduce them to “harmonize” European economies. Brilliant.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by DSK’s mindless plea to the ECB (Germany) to vastly increase its THEFT of taxpayers’ money. (Yes, “THEFT” – bailouts are ILLEGAL according to the EU’s OWN statutes; not that you’d notice). DSK is a French statist, centralist and possible contender for the next President of France, so it is absolutely normal that he calls for the spending of vastly more of other people’s money without asking them.

God help France, though whether Mme Aubray and her 35-hour week will be any better is a moot point. I always thought that was a wasted opportunity, reducing the working week to 35 hours to create more jobs. Why not go direct for the nuclear option and reduce the working-week to 10 minutes? That way there would be an endless supply of jobs surely?

In next week’s “Alice in EU Wonderland” – what the rabbit was about to bring out of the hat …… until that nasty farmer shot it …


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