Comeuppance at Last?

07 Dec

Madoff Victims Sue HSBC ….

Well, could this be the revenge that victims of Madoff and ALL the banks have waited for and deserve, and which THE WORLD NEEDS.  Fraud, crime, corruption and wrong-doing MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED. Why not? This is not just a moral stand of course. x% of people are by nature dishonest and/or criminals; y% are the complete opposite, but in the middle are 100-(x+y)% who will “go with the flow”. If they see fraud go unpunished, they will shrug their shoulders and say: “If you can’t beat ’em, join them”, and soon we are living in a banana republic, or if freezing cold, Russia.

This negligeance and in effect fraud – if proven – is SO appalling that if HSBC are guilty, a FINE is NOT ENOUGH. They must have their licence to bank WITHDRAWN. This would send a message that even fat, greedy bankers could not ignore.

Will it happen? Ya veremos, but I’m not staking my mortgage on it.

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Posted by on December 7, 2010 in Core Thought, Morality, Politics


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