Germany Will Pay ….

23 Nov

Germany will ultimately be prepared to pay.

No it won’t! Germany’s POLITICIANS will ultimately be prepared to pay – goaded by France (always eager to get someone else to pay its bills) and the EU top brass, including Van “the-nation-state-is-dead” Rompuy – we citizens have no say except in the media and an occasional election ….

Nonserious countries spend like there’s no tomorrow, go bust and we serious people over in Germany bail them out. Like the banks – they go potty with greed, then bankrupt, but muggins here has to bail them out. Brilliant.

You see your neighbour week after week splashing out on cars, holidays, jewellery, parties while you toil away sensibly and boringly. (very German of course)  Then they go bankrupt and come begging for money from YOUR hard-earned savings. Are you going to open your chequebook? Really? Why should you? Yes, you might help them out with food, but you’re going to clear their debts on their Ferrari, whose value of course has also slumped whereby if they sell it it will be at a loss ….? Ha, Ha …..

In this world until people start to assume responsibility for their own actions there will be no progress. Climate change is a classic example. One day we are all going to pay for our inaction and NOBODY will be around to bail us out then. Oh, and of course muggins has absolutely no choice; all is decided by our betters in Berlin, Brussels or wherever. They of course know best, what is good for us. The fact that they “governed” and presided over this shambles is neither here nor there. By the way, is there ANY example of a cutback in the EU parallel to what both individuals and coutries are having to go through? On the contrary, MEPs want SIX% more. Insane.


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