22 Nov

Portugal is clearly next in line ….. If this weren’t so serious it would be hysterically funny:

“The state has for many years been removing from the budget a series of activities, which has made a large part of our numbers fictitious,” said Mr Coelho.

Sounds like British Labour and the PFI scam to get expenditure off the current account books. LET’S GET THIS QUITE CLEAR. The Portuguese government LIED. Now, my question is, why should ANYONE in Britain have to bail out LIARS. People presumably invested in Portugal on the basis of their figures, ergo, THEY HAVE DEFRAUDED INVESTORS. They should be LOCKED UP just like you or I would be if we defrauded anyone (not in Britain of course – here you get an ASBO or some such rubbish); SAME AS GREECE, and also the EU leaders responsible for letting in Greece to the EU. THEY DEFRAUDED the peoples of Europe. Why is this not being recognized and followed up? THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH FRAUD.


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