Are We Led By Idiots?

19 Nov

This gets sillier by the day. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, President of the IMF no less (the one who said a few days ago that “Ireland can manage alright on its own”) has just said this:

Reiterating a now common theme, he added that the euro area needs to rebalance – with Germany reducing its dependence on exports and other nations shrinking current account deficits.

He TRULY is an idiot. Does he REALLY think Germany is going to “reduce its exports”? This loss of wealth creation would presumably be compensated for by errm ….. increased exports of heavy, high-tech machinery from Greece perhaps? Or perhaps the Germans should simply transfer half their industry to Greece in exchange for a few islands? That would tend to equalize the Greeks’ love of leisure with the Germans’ hard work and technical excellence, would it?

DSK – What a laugh … “more power to Brussels” … indeed, what the people are clamouring for. Has there ever been a more pompous ass more out of touch with the mood of the people? But of course, to bureaucrats like DSK the people are pretty stupid and their opinions don’t count, just like in the EU where if they lose a referendum you just keep having to vote again until you get the right answer. This claptrap is from the possible next President of France or – why not – the next President of Europe.

Peter Oborne’s article  in “The Telegraph” today is devastating – all those guilty people named in that article should be made to sit and copy it out 50 times.

It is staggering to find such insanity LEADING us. How did this come about?


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