12 Nov

JARGON? Don’t you just love EUSpeak. This from Commission President Boringoso speaking about Ireland going bankrupt:

“What is important to know is that we have all the essential instruments in place in the European Union and eurozone to act if necessary,”

= in real language:

“If we have to bail out Ireland to save the euro and our prestige and salaries then we have the power to take vast amounts of  taxpayers’ money hard-earned by doing real jobs from other euro countries to do so. (JUST TO BE CLEAR, WE HAVE NO MONEY OURSELVES OF COURSE – the EU DOESN’T MAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL; IT JUST TAKES OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY AND SPENDS IT WITHOUT GETTING ITS ACCOUNTS PROPERLY SIGNED OFF)

We don’t think the taxpayers will be all that thrilled by this ploy if they fully understand it, so instead of saying straight out that we’re going to give away millions of their £s and euros we’ll call it “an ‘INSTRUMENT’.  That sounds technical and harmless; after all, what harm could “an instrument” do? Of course, the people who provide this money will have no say in it whatsoever as usual. Pretty cunning plan, eh!!”

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