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In Denial

EU leaders are in denial. It is pathetic – and gutless.
Read Gavin Hewitt above ….


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Britain’s NHS

So, there we have it; an international report confirms that Britain’s NHS is second rate in European terms. For years we had to listen to the insufferably smug Gordon Brown and his cronies telling us proudly how much money was being “invested” in the NHS, how wonderful it was, how we should be proud and so on. Now we learn that all this vast investment has merely kept us well behind the best standards in Europe.

  • not enough doctors; one of the lowest ratios in Europe
  • doctors paid too much; one of the highest rates in Europe
  • people seeing doctors only 5 times a year, compared to for example 14 in Japan (even though the Japanese are far healthier than we fatties)
  • not enough cancer scanners, as they are too expensive
  • more avoidable deaths than our European partners
  • fewer acute care beds than other OECD countries
  • infant mortality rates among the highest in Europe
  • life expectancy among the lowest, particularly for women
  • the seventh most inefficient health system in the OECD

Britain is an overcrowded, demographically-imbalanced country with high numbers of immigrants (up to 80% of classes in some London schools are immigrants and half the population of London was not born in the UK) and with a serious obesity and alcohol-abuse problem, so the pressures and demands on the NHS are enormous.

What doesn’t help is the failure to recognize all this and/or the factors revealed in the report but to indulge for years as the Labour Party did in the self-satisfied delusion that their tsunami of ill-judged expenditure in the NHS was  effective. The service is in fact second rate compared to our competitors, and only when this is accepted can we hope to start putting things right.

There is a peculiar mentality in Britain whereby if one complains about something shoddy one is often told to stop complaining, to be positive, to be supportive … in other words, tow the PC line. Perhaps it’s time that angry complaining about what is wrong  should be welcomed rather than continuing to wallow in the smug complacency typical of the last government.

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Ireland Euro Update


A) The EU has only bailed out Ireland to save its own skin.  They fear a contagion passing from Ireland, to Portugal, to Spain, to Italy ….. to stop this vast amounts of European taxpayers’ money will be put on the line to bail out profligate non-German/French countries. Still, it’s only money – and other people’s money to boot.

B) How will Ireland pay back this vast debt? “Growth”? The politicians don’t dare say so, but this crisis is going to get worse before it gets better. The whole of Europe is vastly indebted. The US is going down the tubes under a mountain of debt and will be forced to retrench, as will Europe.

C) This bailout has not calmed these bond markets …. investors are not convinced.  And whose judgement do you prefer? That of investors putting their own money on the line or that of politicians spending other people’s money and looking at their prospects in the next elections?

D) The Irish Finance Minister seemed yesterday proud of the fact that £50 billion of the loan will be reserved for education, health and services …. well, I’m not an economist, but paying for current expenditure by using a loan? I thought the loan was to repay debts, to convince people that you could and would repay debts, not to spend on current expenditure? Isn’t this more of the same “living beyond your means”? You can’t keep taking out loan upon loan, can you? Can someone pls explain?

E) None of this will end till governments stop borrowing money on this scale and live within their means. How catastrophically have idiotic politicians let us down with their over-borrowing, overspending, none of them ever saying “No, we can’t afford that;”? or “No, that would exceed out budget.”

F) The EU elite are secretly pleased about all this as it will – they calculate – allow them to gradually take control of the economic policies of the non-German/Franco countries. They have made a good start with Ireland, which no longer – assisted by its own government’s idiocy – has control over its finances. However, the EU’s  secret joy may be short lived; how Merkel is going to sell bailing out Spain to the German taxpayers is a mystery to me.

STOP PRESS – Portugal:

Yesterday: ‘”We don’t need a bailout. It is market hysteria.”

Today: “The country’s central bank said Portugal’s banks faced an ‘intolerable risk’ if the government in Lisbon failed to consolidate public finances.”

Right – hands up those who think Portugal will be able to “consolidate public finances”?



“Finance officials in France and Germany on Monday accused investors of acting irrationally.”


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It’s the Journalists’ Fault

Pedro Teles

The British media is not doing much to help, only spreading lies, rumours, and blowing things out of proportion. Portuguese bond yields were falling today. Thanks British media for bringing that up as well, and for writing such wonderfully balanced news items about my nation.

I thank you on behalf on my people.
Replying to Pedro Teles:

blowing things out of proportion.

Indeed – a required loan for Ireland of €EIGHTY-FIVE BILLION at a high interest rate it can’t afford is such a trifling, piffling thing really that it should of course kept in proportion. Do you honestly think, Pedro, that Ireland will be able to repay this within our lifetimes? What is Portugal’s debt, in fact? I must look it up.

What you are not seeing is THIS:

A) Your government has to borrow money. Why, I don’t know – can’t you live within your means?

B) The people and/or organisations that could lend you this money are nervous about your ability to pay it back. As these investors are in general not stupid, or at least nowhere near as stupid as governments, one must assume that their assessments of your ability to pay back loans is based on fairly sound premises. And anyway, IT’S THEIR MONEY – if they won’t lend to you except at a high rate of interest, then that’s YOUR PROBLEM.

C)  Your government is incapable of planning anything in advance but only good at overborrowing, overspending and bloating its civil service (but you are not alone – this is the usual “developed” countries’ model.) And the civil service of course in all countries is usually a deadweight round the neck of those trying desperately to make money to pay for government waste. SO, because of your vast debt your government has now had to impose an AUSTERITY package. PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU THINK JOURNALISTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SITUATION. I thought Portugal had a sovereign government.


“Many activities were removed from the budget”. It’s not only Portugal, of course. In Britain much investment was shifted to PFIs, which I believe ALSO don’t figure in the usual statistics designed to reveal a country’s debt.


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It’s the Speculators’ fault

I think there is quite a rational strategy by bond speculators afoot here: Say you have a country having some difficulty. If you talk up that difficulty their bond rating goes down a little so the the interest the country has to pay rises.. This makes their difficulty a little worse. That in turn lowers their bond rating, which increases the interest they have to pay, which makes their difficulty a little worse. That in turn lowers their bond rating, which increases the interest they have to pay, . . . etc, etc. The result of this is that they soon have to pay 7 or 8 or 9% interest!

Now normally such high interest would be accompanied by a high risk of default. (Ed: There IS a high risk of default – only a lunatic would lend more vast sums to someone ALREADY vastly indebted.) But the bond speculators are comfortable in their expectation that the international community will mount a rescue (Ed MORE FOOL THEM THEN) so they get the best of both worlds – high interest and protection against default! I think this is a deliberate strategy by fatcat bond speculators at the expense of the common people of all these countries and someone (I was hoping it would be the Irish) needs to stand up and say ENOUGH! (BASTA!)

Replying to Pedro Teles:

“I was hoping it would be the Irish” – People usually hope someone else will do the dirty work. Why doesn’t Portugal take the plunge?“a rational strategy by bond speculators” – What were you hoping for, an IRRATIONAL strategy? Sorry, that is the speciality of GOVERNMENTS.Of course, if the latter all STOPPED BORROWING SUCH VAST SUMS OF MONEY all these problems would disappear. Not rocket science, but clearly too difficult a concept for most governments to grasp, especially when – being in the euro – you are led to believe (it doesn’t take much) that you are spending someone else’s money. 

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This questionnaire is designed to test your knowledge and opinions of the EU.  On completion it should be forwarded to your MEP for correction. Please give your opinion by ticking either T (true) or F (false) for each proposition.


1    Greece falsified its statistics in order to “qualify” for entry to the euro.

2    EU leaders KNEW this (like almost everyone else), but ignored it.

3    The EU’s OWN economists had told them that Greece and others could not live in the Eurozone alongside Germany.

4    Ergo, the EU elite connived in a LIE about the finances of Greece and the future of the euro..

5    Once Greece was in the Eurozone it spent money wildly and wastefully with many people retiring at 50, a bloated and overpaid civil service, civil servants who often didn’t bother to turn up, pensions bequeathed to relatives and so on.

6    The EU elite knew all this but DID NOTHING EFFECTIVE about it.

7    Now European taxpayers are having to pay BILLIONS to bail out feckless countries that vastly overspent.

8    The EU elite that lied and ignored these deep problems have been utterly incompetent guardians’ of EU taxpayers’ money. More than incompetent, they have been party to DEFRAUDING many millions of taxpayers for their own ambitions and political ends.

9    The VAST payouts of taxpayers’ money to bail out Greece, Ireland and soon Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Italy DO NOTHING TO FIX THE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS as highlighted in 3 above. This policy therefore represents an appalling further waste of money and merely postpones difficult decisions that EU leaders must make, and should in fact have made YEARS ago.

10    According to the EU’s OWN RULES it is ILLEGAL to “bail out” a bankrupt country. Despite this, the EU countries have bailed out Greece and now Ireland. Mr Van Rompuy was charged with finding a way that this could be done legally. Frau Merkel has suggested that the Lisbon Treaty be amended to allow bailouts to be done legally. How she proposes to amend this Treaty without the consent of member countries is a mystery.

11    The EU elite, knowingly having illegally bailed out Greece and now Ireland should be arrested en masse for illegal use of public money. The EU is very strong on law, except apparently for itself when it suits it.

12   The policies of the EU and national leaders have led to social and economic meltdown in most of Southern Europe and all based on a policy to zealots to create a United States of Enrope for which NOT ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS VOTED.

13   In pursuit of this insane and quasi-fascist aim the EU and the Merkozy troika removed Mr Papandreou from his post (he was the democratically-elected PM of Greece) and replaced him with an ex ECB, Goldman-Sachs crony, Mr Papademos, who was Governor of the Bank of Greece at the time the country was preparing for entry to the euro and who therefore KNEW that its “statistics” were lies. Papandreou’s heinous crime was to suggest offering a referendum on the euro to his people.


12    The EU has failed to get its accounts signed off for the nth year in succession; NO PRIVATE CONCERN COULD GET AWAY WITH THIS.

13    At this time of economic crisis the EU has spent SIX BILLION EUROS (Yes, that is SIX THOUSAND MILLION) on a new diplomatic service, including the placing of FORTY-SIX “diplomats” on Barbados and over FIFTY on Madagascar.

14    The number of EU citizens demanding this vast expenditure must be microscopic; though nobody knows for sure since the EU would never dream of asking its paymasters their opinion.

15    Europe is going through the worst period of financial chaos since WWII. Jobs are being lost almost everywhere; many EU countries are technically bankrupt; people’s living standards and public services are being drastically cut, except it seems in the EU in Brussels.

16    The EU has just won a court case against the people that finance it, the national governments. As a consequence, EU workers will receive a payrise backdated to last year with interest of 3.7% at a time of desperate economic hardship for many millions of EU citizens.

17    The head of the vast new “diplomatic” organisation is a Brit who has NEVER BEEN ELECTED to any post of significance and earns more than TWICE as much as ANY European leader, plus very considerable expenses. She is far from unique in the EU circle of the elite.

18    EU workers receive extraordinary perks (benefits) and also pay around 8% income tax. Very few of their electors (who pay their wages) benefit from anything like this sort of remuneration.

19    Peter Mandelson RESIGNED from his post as Commissioner to become an English Lord. Since his ludicrous remuneration for this was LOWER than his EU income the EU is paying him around £62,000 of taxpayers’ money for FOUR years to make up the difference, EVEN THOUGH HE RESIGNED.

20    The above-mentioned practice amounts to institutionalised THEFT of taxpayers’ money.

21    The EU has just created an English-language website to inform us of how wonderful they are. In other words, WE are paying to have EU PROPAGANDA shoved down our throats.

22    The EU paying some 300,000€ for a dogs’ home in Poland at a time when millions of people in Europe are suffering real economic hardship is just one example of frivelous use of taxpayers’ money.


23   Mr van Rompuy, unelected “President” from a failing and disintegrating state (is this the reason for his obsession?), has said that “The nation states are dead.” He and the EU elite seek the creation of a
European “superstate” controlled from Brussels.

24   Mr Van Rompuy has presumably informed President Sarkozy, Chancellor Merkel and other EU leaders personally that their states “are dead”. Their reactions have not been published so far.

25   This agenda was denied by the EU elite for many decades, which of course represents yet another LIE.

26   This unelected “President” earns more than any national leader in the EU. This is to give the impression that he is more important, since clearly the more money you are paid the more important you must be.


27    MEPs have just demanded a near 6% increase in the EU budget.

28    In this they are certainly not reflecting the wishes of the majority of their electors.

29    Many turn up in Brussels, sign on to qualify for their attendance allowance and then go away.

30    I do not know of any other profession where you get paid a vast salary and expenses and then EXTRA MONEY just for attending a meeting.

31    Most people haven’t got the foggiest idea who is supposed to be “representing” them in Brussels.

32    The EU as it stands is a top-down decision-making organisation whose leaders have a degree of self-righteousness (“Only we know what is good for you.”) that has to be suffered to be believed.

33    MEPs do not take their electors wishes into account.

34    The EU hates referendums since they give an opportunity to the people to express their opinion and actually make a decision. Naturally they can’t be trusted with decisions.

35    When a referendum goes against the EU the usual reaction is to oblige the country involved to do it again and again till the “right” answer is produced. In this the EU is a laughing stock, but the elite do not care as long as they get their way

36    MEPs periodically flog up and down from Brussels to Strasbourg. Sitting in Strasbourg is supposed to be some sort of symbol, but I don’t know of any voters who were asked if they wanted to pay through the nose for a symbol at vast expense, not least in carbon emissions.

37 MEPS just got £5,700 for Christmas, the back payment of a 3.7% payrise to get which they sued their employers – us – through the European courts. They also have a new expenses system giving them £91,000 per annum WITHOUT ALL THAT BORING BUSINESS OF PRODUCING ANY RECEIPTS. This on top of their salaries which take them as near as dammit to £200,000 pa. And for WHAT, exactly? For protecting OUR interests? Really, They just demanded an increase of SIX PERCENT in the EU budget ….. BRITAIN CURRENTLY PAYS FIFTY-THREEE MILLION POUNDS PER DAY TO BRUSSELS. Some of this it “gets back” – i.e. is spent on projects in Britain decided on by the EU. This still leaves over TWENTY MILLION GBP NET to Brussels EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR.


37    Leadership in the modern world is too-often characterized by greed, arrogance and incompetence. These are qualities that the EU elite has demonstrated in abundance.

38    The EU elite has totally and utterly FAILED the people of Europe and is not fit for purpose.

39    Most people believe in cooperation within Europe, but not in a European superstate ruled from Brussels, a country both disintegrating and vastly indebted.

40    The EU elite has completely destroyed the faith that many ordinary people had in the EU as primarily a “common market”.

My overall reaction to the EU elite and its management of the EU is as follows. (Please tick ONE box – or BOTH F & G if preferred.)

A) In general I am very pleased with the EU leadership.

B) I am quite pleased, even if some things could be improved.

C) I don’t care much either way. They can get on with it as far as I’m concerned.

D) I am not very pleased with the way the EU is run.

E) I am very dissatisfied indeed about the way that my money is being spent.

F) It is such a corrupt, wasteful and undemocratic shambles that we have to abolish it up and start again. My country is certainly better off outside the EU AS IT IS CURRENTLY RUN. I am profoundly disappointed.

G) I am disgusted at the EU elite’s arrogance, incompetence, dishonesty and venality. I want cooperation and a “common market” in Europe, but NOT under these circumstances.

pdf format:Questionnaire-EU


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Well, it COULD have worked but they allowed their greed to overcome reason. The lust for power, as LARGE a Eurozone as possible, caused them to allow in Greece, which blatantly LIED about its budget. There were supposed to be strict entry conditions, but it was all a pack of lies. Then Greece clearly squandered money like confetti; vast payrises for civil servants, who often didn’t turn up to work, retiring at 50 or some such silly age, pensions that could be bequeathed to relatives, a pathetically-inefficient tax-collecting system and so on.

Things based on lies rarely survive and don’t deserve to. And Portugal has just ADMITTED it has lied about its budget; the Portuguese PM said that “many activities were removed from the budget”. In Britain much investment was shifted to PFIs, which I believe ALSO don’t figure in the usual statistics designed to reveal a country’s debt.

Somewhere – there is so much being written about this; I can’t remember – I read that the Spanish situation is MUCH worse than reported (what a surprise) because the banks are holding a lot of repossessed property at the value they SOLD it at and NOT at its current value, which is much lower. All paper assets – a tissue of untruths.

Beware – the EU elite (just awarded itself 3.7% payrise – IT TOOK OUR NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS TO ITS OWN COURT, whose judges will ALSO get the 3.7% increase they have awarded to Brusselcrats – so that now Mme Ashton is paid double what our PM gets plus unbelievable perks) seeks to exploit this crisis to grab MORE control of national planning and finance. This is the now revealed agenda, which many have suspected all along. The word “fascist” has been used to describe these people, and it is beginning to look not inappropriate.

And now they have set up a website in English with OUR money to tell us how wonderful they are. Yup, we are paying for EU propaganda to better inform us of the great job they are doing. You couldn’t make it up.

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