31 Oct

But Germany has argued that the Lisbon Treaty will have to be amended to make the emergency fund permanent and legally watertight. The current treaty contains a clause banning members from bailing each other out.

Let’s check that again: “a clause BANNING members from bailing each other out.”

I am confused. I thought that we (i.e. Germany) had ALREADY bailed the Greeks out? So the EU has BROKEN ITS OWN RULES? GOODNESS – WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!

Ah, but the thing is, if the rules don’t suit you then you break them, just as Greece did by lying through its teeth to get in and as France did by exceeding the famous 3% budget deficit set up at the beginning of the euro at the insistence of Germany. I believe France said at the time ‘That rule was intended for little countries’.

Now the fatuous “President” van Rompo is supposed to find out ” whether the fund can be set up without each of the 27 member states having to ratify the treaty all over again. ”

Indeed. Good luck Rompy – find a way to bend the rules, but no worries, if you can’t then just break them – OOPPS; you’ve done it already. Truly you couldn’t make it up. And I am no economist but if anyone thinks that Greece, Spain and Ireland won’t need billions more euros to avoid collapse then they are several clowns short of a circus. And how long Germany is gong to want or be able to keep bailing out all the hopeless overspenders is anyone’s guess. I suppose that when the German milch cow finally collapses she will be accused of being Nazi. In truth, the other states (France in particular, always quick to get other countries to give it money) has played on German guilt for decades. What Merkel is doing is anyone’s guess; a series of demagogic, panicking statements .. now she wants a NEW Lisbon Treaty ….  Oh, and the new EU “Foreign Ministry” led by an unelected nonentity earning twice what our Prime Minister does is going to cost £FIVE BILLION and counting. Still, we’ll have FORTY-SIX “diplomats” in Barbados and FIFTY in Madagascar.

I really think they’re all barmy. Fine, but please NOT WITH OUR MONEY.

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