31 Oct

A catastrophic and utter disgrace in the EU. Absolute power has totally corrupted all sane thinking there might once have been. We are supposed to be in the middle of the biggest financial crisis since 1945; thousands laid off, hard up, companies closing down, banks refusing to lend, yet there are no bounds to  the insane political and financial greed of the  madmen and women running the EU – most of them unelected. This is from the Daily Mail:

  • 7,000 Eurocrats in 137 embassies worldwide cost a mind-boggling £5.8bn

  • Run by a £313,000-a-year New Labour apparatchik who hasn’t been elected by a single voter

Why will there be 46 “diplomats” on the Caribbean island of Barbados? 53 more in Madagascar? What are FIFTY full-time EU paid workers supposed to do on these tiny islands that is so urgent to our national interests?
The idiocy of all this is staggering. The EU is not a country; it is a common market, but of course that is not enough for the power-mad clique in Brussels. One can sympathize with people suffering from delusions of grandeur, but not when they indulge them using our money. The EU clique has become a bloated, arrogant and disgusting leech, it has perverted all the high hopes that believers had. Why does greed destroy everything?
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