There’s no point taxing the banks over bonuses …..

19 Oct

I wrote the above in a press forum and got told off for it, but the point is …. (see below!)

You misunderstand. The ordinary people investing were INNOCENT. The bankers were GUILTY. ERGO, the banks should have been nationalised, all the deposits for individual investors guaranteed (which happened anyway) and ALL the directors SACKED and offered jobs cleaning toilets. THAT would have taught them not to gamble with people’s money.

My POINT is that if the government imposes a tax on banks this cost will ONLY BE PASSED ON TO CUSTOMERS. It will NOT stop banks paying their directors silly money in bonuses. I am coming to the view that money in society is now as essential as water and CANNOT be left in the hands of private individuals.

Appallingly incompetent though governments are it is perhaps time to nationalise ALL banks to put an end to this nonsense that has almost destroyed western civilisation.

If you think I am being too alarmist A) look at Greece and B) just wait and see what happens. This crisis has hardly started and is going to get a LOT WORSE before it gets better.


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