The Potato Council

16 Oct

The Potato Council is a British quango and therefore COSTS THE TAXPAYER MONEY.

Why should public money be spent on promoting the potato? If there is someone in Britain who doesn’t know what a basic, reliable, versatile,  important and good-value food it is then they already have a potato for a brain  and spending £50 trillion on promoting the spud would be wasted.

Apparently many kids think that potatoes make you fat!! Apart from the fact that you’d think schools would send them out into the world (kids not potatoes) with a bit more basic knowledge about what they stuff themselves with, kids don’t seem to mind chips with their burgers … but if kids prefer pasta then so be it; nothing wrong with pasta anyway.

Well, chips will surely survive, but the point is, we HAVE to stop spending money on frivolities. Perhaps pasta – being imported – is too cheap? But soon energy prices will rocket, transportation will become much dearer and a spud grown in a field 2 miles away will compete better.  In the meantime, every £ spent on the Potato Council is a £ less that could go to a deserving cause; Peter Mandelson’s pension perhaps ….

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