“Economics for Idiots”

16 Oct

Rolling Strikes in France

Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? Don’t French people understand these bleedin’ obvious things:

A) Everyone is living longer.

B) We are living beyond our means.

C) We are facing increased competition from Asia & South America.

D) Resources are running out and getting more expensive.

E) We are drowning in Brussels rules and paperwork, all of which costs money and reduces our competivity.

F) The costs for an employer in France of hiring someone are the highest in Europe; this means ENDEMIC unemployment of around 10% – a vast waste of human resources.

In addition, the French seem to think (collectively) that “the State” can provide everything, whereas  those ghastly Anglo-Saxons are starting to understand that “The State” has no money of its own whatsoever; it is all taken from those who work in the PRIVATE sector.

Given all this, the idea that we can keep on as in the past is farcical. The French plebs should read up on economics, then wake up and grow up, like the rest of us are having to do.

PS It is certainly true that the French state wastes vast amounts of money on nonsenses, but then so do almost all governments everywhere. Money should be used more wisely, but even so the idea that you can pay for everything through “savings” is also ludicrous. As is, of course, the idea that you’ll ever get a government to cut its own “essential” expenses.

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