The Unintelligentsia

14 Oct


It seems yet more new guidelines are to be issued to judges in a bid to “send fewer thugs to jail” and save a lot of money. As reported in “The Daily Mail” today:

“For grievous bodily harm, an assault causing permanent disability, disfigurement, broken bones or injuries requiring lengthy treatment, attackers will not go to jail if they are considered to have factors in their favour. These include youth or immaturity.

Yes, me must search harder for mitigiating circumstances. But look at it from the thugs’ point of view. The thing is, if you’re going to permanently disfigure someone just make sure you do it with ONE blow as then you’ll get off with some soppy “community sentence”.  This will favorise karate experts of course, so I expect a big increase in those taking up the sport. Kick-boxers, too, will get a massive boost, as will any martial art that teaches”one-blow maiming”. “Remorse”? Yes, extra sessions at acting school will be a great help.

“Immaturity” will apparently also be a mitigating factor. Naturally, given Darwin’s theory of natural selection, those pleading immaturity will fare better, so a big increase in immature behaviour will occur.

And the effect in the streets? I can just see the scene outside the supermarket.

“You can’t touch me copper! I’m not yet twelve and I am very immature. (Ed: Somone would of course have to teach them the word first) Besides, I only hit the old geezer once; it’s not my fault he fell over and smashed his head the stupid old git.”

It seems to me that the upper-class unintelligentsia haven’t a CLUE about how ordinary people consider crimes of violence, no more than Gordon Brown had the FAINTEST IDEA of the concerns of Mrs Bigot during the last election. This disconnect is dangerous, and of course extremely UNFAIR to the people who vote these idiots into power and money.

“Community Sentences”? A joke …… In this article here we learn about three thugs who kicked an innocent man to death, laughing and joking as they kicked him in the head. One of these “people” had 10 previous convictions for various nastinesses and two of them had breached “community orders”. Had they been dealt with properly they might not have been free to kill.

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