The Gruesome Burqa

07 Oct

Copying French ban on burqa would be un-British, says minister


  • Covering up your face in public is much more “non-British”.
  • Beviour redolent of the Middle Ages and fanatical, fundamentalist religion is definitely “non-British”.
  • Fascist, mysogenist, brainwashing control-freakery from Muslim men is clearly “non-British”.

If people really want to cover up their faces then they should live in a country which is 500 years behind the march of history. There is no lack of choice.

It is I believe illegal to walk about naked, but I would find this far less offensive than the burkha.

Does this soppy Minister even understand what being British is?

PS Is Italy now more British than Britain?

And France follows suit.

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Posted by on October 7, 2010 in Morality, Religion



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