05 Oct

Dear Mr Cameron

May I refer you to this article and ask why the UK is going along with this legalised theft of public money by the EU? What they seem to get away with defies credence; getting paid FOR YEARS many times what ordinary workers earn in a year and FOR DOING NOTHING. In which other fields does this apply, or is it only for politicians who – of course – DO NOT GENERATE any money  at all but merely LIVE OFF those who do?

These people in Brussels do not have to make money; it is there for the taking from us. AND they want SIX % MORE. I hope you will draw a line in the sand before that one gets through. More money = more power, which of course deserves ever more money.

I believe that Mr Mandelson RESIGNED as EU Commissioner because he wanted to help the Labour Party win the last election. (No, don’t laugh …). As he went to the Lords and was paid a piffling £100,000 plus expenses for prattling on about nothing in particular WE, the taxpayers, paid (and for at least four years so I understand) the difference between what he “earned” in Brusssels and what he got from his “work” in the Lords.

In other words, WE are paying him about £62,000 for four years for doing nothing at all, while he RESIGNED from his Brussels post.

I would be interest to hear your opinion of the morality of this venal procedure at a time when ordinary people are suffering the consequences of a combination of greed and shambolic government foisted upon us by the rich, powerful and incompetent, this last category being politicians of course.

And why is the UK accepting this? Why does this venal thieving of public money get through? The justifications I read from Brussels officials are laughable; they could apply to millions of jobs everywhere. But in the REAL world which employer could afford to pay his resigning employees TENS OF THOUSANDS of £s per year for doing nothing?

And in every other field governments and individuals are having to cut back. Do you see any signs of the EU trimming its own vast expenditure, much of it on itself?

It is all an utter disgrace. The EU deserves to fail; this is THEFT, but they dress it all up in their own mumbo-jumbo and pretend it’s serious and necessary and the sheeplike voters seem to sleepwalk through the process, until one day (like me) you suddenly wake up and realize that these people are worse than thieves. At least a thief doesn’t pretend to be anything else but a thief.

Yours Sincerely

C Snuggs

PS This is a good read …..

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One response to “THEFT IN BRUSSELS

  1. Alfred

    October 5, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    There is an ever growing gulf between the political elite and the ordinary ‘man’. The Elite sees nothing wrong with high personal payments as, after all, they are the all knowing Elite, so deserve to be paid accordingly.
    Sadly, the gulf is almost too great to be bridged now and all three major parties, in the UK, seem to be being infected by this type of thinking. EG Just note how fast William Hague went EU native, having pretended to be a sceptic while in opposition. The coalition have supported the EIO and the EU Finance control initiatives, since coming to power, despite stating that they would not hand further power over to the EU.
    My worry is that revolt is the only way out, as we are being driven that way by the Elite, but that is always bloody and destructive.

    It is always good to see yet another voice speak up against the Elite.


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