Who makes your Trainers?

01 Oct

So, top sportswear companies are STILL getting stuff made in factories rife with industrial abuse? This of course is at the same time as sports stars get paid VAST amounts for sponsoring these goods – quite on top of their ludicrous salaries.

Greed is killing the planet. Is it an illness? A virus, like the new one apparently making people fat? How else to explain the sickening greed of, for example, the Enron directors, already obscenely well-paid by most standards yet who shut down their own plants to push up the price of their product? Or the British doctor on over £100,000 PAID BY US charging £150 an hour for home visits? Or indeed the failed British politicians now reputedly earning £18,000 PER MONTH as “consultants” to companies with more money than sense?

“Vote with your wallet”? Great, but so few do, until an injustice hits their OWN wallet. Most of the time we are like sheep …. even as Britain’s debt interest ALONE is now revealed to be more than our defence budget the party that is responsible for this shambles is ahead in the polls of the other parties trying to put it right. Tell me why I shouldn’t be depressed ….



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