“Ethical Foreign Policy” – not us, matey …

01 Oct

This is of course a national disgrace. Bashir is wanted for GENOCIDE, yet is apparently now sought out as a trusted trading partner.

YES – if we don’t suck up to this monster then we WILL lose out to the Chinese and others, who have no scruples in these matters. But WE should have scruples and we SHOULD be prepared to take the hit that comes from doing the right thing. The right thing usually has a cost; are we no longer prepared to pay this?

It reminds me of those MPs who shook the hand of the genocidal Sadaam Hussein before he was deposed. If NOBODY is willing to take a moral stand then we ALL suffer in the end as morality goes out of the window. The world is already reeling under the weight of fantastic greed and corruption; we are merely giving succour to somone responsible for the horrible deaths and misery of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of our fellow-men.


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Posted by on October 1, 2010 in Core Thought, Morality


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