What bonus are YOU on then?

30 Sep

The difference between what British banks pay for funds and what they charge homeowners is more than twice that in the U.S., France or Germany.

THIS is where the bonuses partly come from. It is a massive rip-off. The banks should have been nationalised and all their directors sacked instead of getting bailed out. Bankers must feel like they were on the Titanic but managed to get into the lifeboats ahead of steerage passengers (us …)

Not only have most of the people guilty for the crisis retained their jobs but they are already getting back to the bonus culture while both the European and American vastly-endebted economies are heading towards the precipice – and indeed serious social upheaval.

But when you get a mortgage you’re usually made to feel as if the bank has done you an immense favour and you are so lucky.

And no, I am not writing this from planet Zog. This is happening NOW on OUR PLANET.

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