Letters to the PM – Squatters

30 Sep

23 September 2010

Dear Mr Cameron

Goodness knows you have enough on your plate and I know you are trying to put right some of the lunacy of the previous shambles calling itself a government. However, I read something this morning which is almost unbelievable but is in fact just one more example of the utter mess which is much of the law.

It seems that while people are on holiday, gangs of foreigners break into and take over their house, get squatters in and declare “squatters’” rights. The police cannot act and the returning holidaymakers cannot get back into their house without going to law, which – as we know – can be a costly and length process.

This is just insane, unfair, wrong and plain stupid and unnecessary. “A man’s home is his castle” is just a joke.  There MUST be a way to fix this problem without recourse to law. It should be sufficient to show the police a copy of the deeds for them to A) get the people out B) lock them up till they have paid for damage and C) permanently exile them from Britain. Why is not EVERY case of breaking into a house a CRIMINAL matter?

I have to say that much of the law is a sick joke and does more to protect victims than culprits. I hope you can deal with this promptly. I really can’t feel proud of my country with such nonsense going on. And HONEST, DECENT people are having their lives ruined.

Yours sincerely


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